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Category: Evelyn Allen

An update from Evelyn Allen

Tell us about the best news you received about your business these last few months? Thanks to some help from NRCan, we were able to hire our first employee! He’s a new mechatronics engineering graduate. He’ll be focusing on scaling and further automating our nanomaterial manufacturing process under the supervision of NRCan expertise. He’ll also […]

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Catching up with Evelyn Allen

How do you like juggling the business side of entrepreneurship (IP, hiring, governance, etc.) with technology development? Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to build experience on both sides. As an entrepreneur, I think it’s important to strike the right balance between these two different but connected areas. It’s hard to do it all, […]

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A conversation with Evelyn Allen

What is your company trying to do? Evercloak is commercializing a manufacturing platform to dramatically drive down the cost of making large area, ultra-thin, two-dimensional nanomaterial (graphene, graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes) films. These films have applications in energy storage, desalination, food preservation and corrosion prevention. Now that you’re a finalist, you have about two years […]

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